Gutter Machine

Upgraded to a 2017 Newtech 5-inch continuous gutter machine!  It does a beautiful job of rolling seamless eavestrough!

Gutter Machine



Customer had pooling issue on deck gutters.  Best solution was more drainage, luckly there was a post near pooling issue.


Leak repair

Homeowner had leaking gutter on inside corner over front door.  The old seal was dried out and cracked.   To repair properly old gutter seal is removed and then re-sealed with industry grade Lepage Quad.

 Leaking, old gutter seal.
  Gutter seal removed.
  Freshly​ sealed​!

Del Monica Vista

I have just wrapped up a forty unit contract for Del Monica Vista Villas.  Installed new eavestrough and upgraded to larger 3-inch pipes and funnels on downspouts.  They are ready for Springtime showers now!


Pipe funnel

I just did this job for my neighbour, he wanted his downspout to both drain into the front yard.  The results were pretty good solving his issue of too much water in his back garden.